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Serving the Needs of Today's Real Estate & Mortgage Finance Industry

As the laws governing real estate and mortgage banking increase in complexity, it is more important than ever to seek out intelligent and seasoned legal counsel who understand the industry, its history and its future direction. To that end, at Pfeifer & de la Mora, LLP, we provide every client with the benefit of more than 100 years of combined experience in addressing their specific and unique legal needs.

Legal Experience Means Legal Judgment

The shifting legal and regulatory landscape requires every participant in the real estate and mortgage finance marketplace to exercise nuanced judgment in difficult situations. But the law itself may be unclear, unsettled or even nonexistent. The stakes, however, remain higher than ever.

In this challenging environment, the seasoned legal judgment of Pfeifer & de la Mora, LLP is vital. Our firm protects the rights of our clients both in and out of the court, in a wide variety of matters, including:

Our attorneys are active in industry organizations, widely published authors on industry topics, and recognized by their peers as leading practitioners in this space. As a result, clients can rest easier, knowing their decisions in complex circumstances are informed by our experienced and "real world" legal judgment.

We always work to achieve our goal: Protecting your rights by helping you understand the legal options available to you and zealously litigating your position when your interests are under attack or your rights are being violated.

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